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"Stuck In The Past No More"

ACoA Life Coach Specializing in Adult Child Recovery.

Lisa A. Romano is an Adult Child of Alcoholic Life Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author.

Her work encapsulates all issues (wounds of the past) that are related to being invalidated by others in childhood--which encompasses--low self esteem, bullying, self loathing, and alike.

Her innate ability to help others become their own 'silent observers' of Self--has literally helped thousands of people transform their minds and thus their lives.

Because Lisa A. Romano has lived the life of an ACoA--and has successfully recovered from the wounds of dysfunctional conditioning and programming--she has an unmatched ability to see and feel what others may be unable to--who may be stuck in denial and or illusion.

If you are ready to confront the wounds of the past with a coach and advocate who is dedicated to raising the worlds consciousness one thought and one mind at time--then Lisa A. Romano is the Life Coach and Advocate for you.

Teaching The Adult Child The Skills Needed To Get Out Of The Past And On With Their Life




" Dear Lisa,
I cannot tell you how incredibly helpful you were to me today. Your work is truly amazing. It's not just that I feel better but always after speaking with you I feel a greater sense of perspective and objectivity, and ultimately this leads to me feeling very powerful. You truly empower me and I don't know if there is anything in the world a human being can do for another that's greater than that. Thank you for helping me find my center after this recent storm. I feel absolutely beautiful and peaceful tonight. A.R. "
Lisa A. Romano's Coaching, Books, Seminars and Workshops are designed to help you heal your own mind, so you can shift and be free of the past and ultimately help you come into alignment with the desires you deserve. 
Stay informed about codependency, self esteem and over coming the obstacles in your mind 
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